Hygiene Tracker


The Hygiene Tracker is intended to be an ongoing source of results data that should be updated regularly to provide the best trending information. It is good practice to be consistent when entering manual data in the Hygiene Tracker.  The daily results / threshold / date information are all required, then select ‘Update’ to record the data in the graph.

You will notice that in the heading for Bactoscan/TPC Results that the figures are (x 1000) hence a suggested threshold of 80,000 would be entered as ’80’.  For Thermoduric results, the suggested threshold is 2,000 with the minimum reading of 100 able to be recorded.

To access periods outside the current 10 day visual pane, select the ‘<<‘ or ‘>>’ to navigate backwards or forwards.  To create a snapshot of the screen results click ‘Share’ > type in email address and/or select from existing user dropdown list > click the ‘+‘ beside the email address to add to the list > Send.  Once this is done, you need to ‘Sync’ so the app can send the email to recipients.  You will need internet connection to do this.