CIP Wash Routine


The CIP Wash Routine has can be created either by selecting the ‘Default’ routine which has 31 steps that is broken up into four sections – After milking, Pre-rinse, Wash and Final rinse – or a ‘Blank’ routine which still has the four sections, but allows you to build your own steps in the routine under each relevant section – use the dropdown list for the section a new step relates to.

Both the Default and Blank routine options can have steps added to, rearranged or deleted.  To add another step, type the step instructions in the field marked ‘Add Another Step’ then click the ‘+‘ which will add this new step to the end of the list.  To rearrange the order of any of the steps, hold your finger on the 3 horizontal lines to the right of the step you wish to change, and drag it up or down into position.  The numbered order will reconfigure based on the positioning of the step in the list.  To delete a step that is not required, click the orange ‘delete’ button.

If you wish to include a photo with any of the steps, select the camera icon > Camera > take photo > Use photo.  Please note that this is visible within the app but the photo does not print in the PDF.

Once you have completed the details for the CIP Wash Routine, convert the routine to a PDF by selecting the ‘Share’ button on the bottom right of the screen > either type in the desired email address and/or select from existing users dropdown list > Click ‘+‘ to select email address/es > Send > Save and Exit.  The default size of the CIP Wash Routine is A4 size paper, which makes it easy to print out and place the chart in a plastic pocket or laminate to stick on the wall of the Dairy.  Please note that once you have elected to send the routine by email, you will need to click the ‘Sync’ button on the bottom left of the main CIP Wash Routine (Actions) screen.   You will also need internet connection for this.