New farm


How to Create a New Farm

Make sure you have internet connection before you go out to a farm. You will need to insert the farm details and those of 5 different contacts, scrolling right down to the bottom of the screen to include the region/sub region allocated by Dairy Australia.
The main dashboard screen, create new farm (bottom right corner)

  1. Farm Description__ “[farm number] [name]”
  2. Primary Contact person__ is usually you! [name] [role/position eg. Dairy processor
    representative/field officer] [mobile] [email]
  3. Secondary Contact person__ can be the farmer or another field officer/rep [name] [role/position eg. Dairy processor representative/field officer] [mobile] [email].
  4. Property Details__ [street address, town] [postcode] > click “Get Coordinates” button for
    GPS coordinates
  5. Dairy Factory__ [select from dropdown list] > Supplier Number [####] > Field Officer
    [name] > [mobile] > [email] > [Company]
  6. Milking Machine Technician__ [name] > [mobile] > [email] > [Company]
  7. Dairy Chemical Representative__ [name] > [mobile] > [email] > [Company]
  8. Dairy Region__ [drop down list] > ‘Done’ > __Sub-Region__ [drop down list] > ‘Done’
  9. “Save and Exit” > Successfully created > “OK”.