Farm summary


This is the “home screen” for the selected farm.

It shows the main farm contacts. Further farm details can be accessed (and edited) by selecting the “View Farm Details” button.

The status of invited users to the farm is also shown.  Their status shows as “invite pending” until the user either accepts or declines the invitation, after which it changes to either “Accepted” or “Declined”.

Start a new activity or continue with an existing activity

A list of activities is presented at the bottom of the screen.

Select an activity e.g. “Hygiene Investigation” . This takes you to the “Actions” screen, which shows any related activivities that are in progress or have been completed.

Select “Sync” to ensure the latest versions of any activities are loaded.  This requires internet access.  A message will appear notifying whether or not the sync was successful.

Select “Create New” to start a new activity.

To continue with an existing activity select it from the list.  Those activities listed as “In Progress” can be reviewed and edited.  Activities listed as “Complete” can only be viewed (no editing is possible).

To delete an activity select the “Delete” button corresponding to that activity.  Once deleted an activity cannot be retrieved.

Hygiene Investigations

The Hygiene Investigation contains a comprehensive set of step-by-step activities, divided into 16 screens.  It requires the recording of information relating to equpment performance, observations and tests undertaken.  To progress through the investigation select “Save and Continue” to progress to the next screen, or if you want to go back one screen, click the back arrow in the top left hand corner of your screen. There is also a progress bar at the bottom of the screen to allow you to skip to previously completed screens.

To resume later, click ‘Save and Exit’

To discard changes since the last save just select the back arrow.