DHR-Milking machine wash program


If a new wash program is recommended use the guide below to determine a suitable wash program.  If the wash program is automated ensure that the selected wash program (in the guide below) is available.

Use water quality & then hot water availability to select the most suitable wash program(s).  The numbers refer to the wash programs in the list below.

* Sufficient means, enough hot water to satisfy the day’s volume requirement for the pre-rinse, wash, and final rinse cycles. To estimate water quantity requirements, see the section titled Water quantity.
Water hardness affects the effectiveness of alkaline detergents. Some detergents cannot be used in hard water. The presence of iron also has a detrimental effect: the higher the level of iron, the higher the alkali dose rate must be. Hence water hardness must be the first consideration.

Water that is extremely hard (>700 ppm, CaCO3, see hardness table), or has high levels of iron (> 3.0 ppm) can be considered to be of poor quality for cleaning purposes, and as such should be allocated to an acid-dominant wash program.