Description of presenting problem


Clearly describe the problem as it currently presents. Has the investigation been initiated by a high Bactoscan result, Thermoduric count, other factors (e.g. visible cleaning failure) or a combination of all?

Provide plenty of details about history, circumstances, and what the objective(s) for the investigation might be.

Provide the latest Bactoscan/TPC and Thermoduric test results.

Test What the test measures Typical limit for premium quality
Total Plate Count Total number of bacteria colonies* that have formed (from live, viable bacteria) <20,000 (cfu/ml**)
Bactoscan Total number of bacteria (alive or dead) <80,000 (ibc/ml*)
Thermodurics Total number of bacteria that have survived pastuerisation and have formed colonies <2,000 (cfu/ml)
*a colony can be formed from a single viable cell (a bacterium) which mutiplies by binary fission. Colonies can also form from multiple cells deposited together or from bacteria that normall grow in chains or clumps
**cfu/ml – colony forming units per millilitre
*ibc/ml – individual bacteria count per millilitre

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How to invite others to join an Investigation created by you

Invite other users to work with you on this investigation.  Only one user can add or edit information in this investigation.  This user is referred to as the Lead investigator.  Only the Lead can invite others to collaborate.  The Lead can assign an invitee to become the Lead.  This is useful for users that may initiate an investigation but would like others to take the Lead role to complete it.

To invite another User to join in an investigation, select the farm to be investigated (this can be already created or a new one). In the first screen 1/16 ‘Description of Presenting Problem’ scroll down to the section “name_email_mobile” and insert details or if they are a User already active in other farms on your device, you can ‘Search by Name’ or ‘Search by Email’.  Select ‘Search’ highlight the desired user, ‘Use Details’. To hand over primary control to the User, click the button beside their name and you will be able to view the investigation, but no longer be able to enter data unless the new Lead User reassigns control to you. If you click the button by mistake, you can correct it any time until your next sync the device, but apply caution to make sure you don’t lose ownership by mistake.