Cooling performance recommendation


Cooling Performance Recommendations

Making recommendations

Create a list of specific action(s) that are required to rectify the situation where poor performance has been identified.

A list of result-dependent pre-composed actions is automatically created.  Each action can be edited to reflect specific conditions or deleted.

New actions can be added by entering text in the field “Add Another Action” and then selecting the blue “plus” button.

Sharing the cooling performance assessment

A report in PDF format can be shared via email.

Select the “Share” button

Either enter the recipient’s email address and then select the blue “plus” button, or select the recipient from the list of existing users and then  select the blue “plus” button.  Existing users are users that have been listed as contacts in the Farm setup.

Completing the cooling performance assessment

An assessment can be finalised once all the actions have been marked as completed.  To complete an action select the blue square in the bottom right corner of the box containing the specific action.  A tick mark will appear.  To mark an action as incomplete re-select the blue square.  The tick mark will disappear.

When an assessment is completed it can no longer edited.  Its status will change from “In Progress” to “Completed”.