Any Changes?


Make notes of recent changes to:

Milking equipment – recent upgrades, replacement of components (e.g. vacuum pump), repairs or breakdowns, major services. Flooding of the system – during milking or during cleaning.

Cooling equipment – changes to cooling equipment, changes to temperature of the milk entering the bulk milk tank, plat cooler pump issues, water supply issues, cooling times, pick up schedules.

Cleaning & water heating equipment – changes to HWSs such as element failures, electrical problems (e.g. circuit breakers being activated), corrosion, water not being heated to expected temperature(s), thermostat issues, chemical dosing pumps failing (e.g. blockages, split tubes). Changes in wash controller. Level probes not working as intended, butterfly valve failures, air  injector failures.

Wash program – changes in chemicals, cycle volumes, number of cycles deployed, recirculation times, water sources.

Wash routine – timing of the wash, changes to steps usually followed, filter sock use, milk and cleaning solution purge times, changes to chemical measuring apparatuses. Changes in wash routine instructions. Skipping of tasks/steps due to time/staff/financial constraints.

Staff changes – new/different milking/relief staff, time pressures and staff pressures (less staff to do the same jobs). New staff yet to be trained.