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The Dairy Hygiene Helper is a Dairy Australia funded initiative that puts specialist knowledge and know-how at the fingertips of people undertaking on-farm dairy hygiene investigations and other dairy hygiene related activities.

The Dairy Hygiene Helper is an app-based solution for those service providers and first responders who are active in dairy hygiene. The app helps users to:

  • Undertake a dairy farm hygiene investigation – as an individual or as part of a collaborative team
  • Assess the performance of the farm’s milk cooling systems
  • Track milk quality results
  • Create wash programs and wash program wall charts
  • Create wash routines
  • Share reports with others
  • Access further information on the science of cleaning and how it can be applied in Australia.

The Dairy Hygiene Helper is available for all iOS devices and on Android tablet. We are constantly improving the Dairy Hygiene Helper App through regular updates and we would value any feedback users have of their experience and any features they would like to see included in the future.

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